GDFBA – Report on Walk of 15th November 2014

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Gwinear & District Footpaths & Bridleways
Saturday 15th November 2014 – Today we meet at Hall for Gwinear, 2pm, the weather hovering on the uncertain and currently dry. Fifteen members and one dog stride off determinedly through the village, passed the church then turn right to take the footpath through three fields to Trungle Farm – two fields of cabbages and one pasture. We opt to use the gate rather than the awkward stone stile to follow the bridleway down towards Trungle Mill. This is a rather muddy route after the recent rains and leaf falls and after 200 yards we take a distinct turn left and it’s more pleasant underfoot. From here we can see the Angarrack Viaduct and village and look down into the valley towards Coldharbour.

On reaching the first dwellings we are on Riverside and take a sharp right footpath bringing us to Back Lane, along which we have a better view over Riverside than if we’d followed the river. So we miss the main part of the village and come to Steamers Hill and a steep climb up it – we rest at the top! George explains there was a time when a steam driven “vehicle” took carts of tin ore and copper down to Hayle Harbour – the track crossed the road at the top of Steamers Hill and its dismantled remains are evident and later on we cross it along the Polkinghorne footpath.

Just after the boundary stone we turn off the road onto the bridleway taking us down to Connor Downs. There are far reaching views of Hayle and St Ives Bay. Reaching the old A30 we head up into the village and turn onto another bridleway by the car sales rooms and garage. This takes us passed several dwellings then narrows, over an old stile and into another field of cabbages and back up to Angarrack Lane. Across the road is the gate (locked) and stile to Polkinghorne Lane. We have fun and concern getting our dog through and finally manage it with his reward of much patting and our delight to see a wagging tail!!! It’s pretty straight forward from here, the track finally beginning to descend into the valley. We pass the dismantled railway and then cross over the Penzance to Paddington line, reaching the bottom of the valley where some are keen to look at the hydraulic ram which doesn’t seem in operation. And now a steady climb up to Polkinghorne Manor – no sign of activity today, tractor and muck spreader parked up and gate closed (we use the stile). We opt not to cross the field with three huge bulls happily grazing in, so continue up the track to the road and then end our afternoon’s pleasure walk back at Hall for Gwinear.

We say our goodbyes after our last walk of 2014 and look forward to January 2015 and new paths and routes to ramble. Season’s greetings to all and please get in touch if you would like to take an active part in GDFBA. A Walk List for 2015 is currently being planned and details will follow when ready.


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