Full Council Meeting


Monday, September 23rd 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council held on Monday 23rd September 2019 at the Gwinear Gwithian Parish Hall, Copper Meadows, Gwinear, TR27 5FN commencing at 7.00pm.

Routine matters

Safety Procedure – The Chairman advised of the fire exits, location of toilets and asked that mobile phones be switched to silent during the meeting. He stated questions through the Chair only.
Apologies for absence. None.
To receive personal and prejudicial interests (including the details thereof) and preapproved dispensations in respect of any items on this Agenda. There were no preapproved dispensations in respect of any items on this Agenda.
i. Cllr Pascoe declared that “In commenting on any item on this agenda I should make it clear that my comments are based on the information currently available and do not commit me to taking the same position when the matter is discussed at Cornwall Council and full information is available”.
ii. Cllr Smith declared an interest in item 7cii
iii. Cllr Norman declared an interest in item 4eii and left the room during the discussion and vote on the item.
iv. Cllr Pryor declared an interest in item 4c and left the room during the discussion and vote on the item.
Public Participation. The Chair permitted those present to speak under the agenda item.

Presentation from Matt Lewis, Project Manager – National Trust, Godrevy. i.MattLewispresentedamapoutlining landtheNationalTrust(NT)ownedandgaveapresentationona potential project to move the coastal road and car park from the existing position to one near to the existing farmhouse to include less farmland and more natural landscapes around the farm creating corridors for insects.



Others present


N Bawden
D Cupples
Mrs S Negus
L Pascoe
S Rowe (Chairman) J Thomas

A Burt
T Homes
R Norman
M Pryor
M Smith (Vice Chairman) J Tovey


Cllr Homes arrived at this point

Minutes th

To confirm the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 9
proposed the minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting. Cllr Negus seconded with all in favour and the proposal was RESOLVED.
Business arising from the Minutes. None.

To consider planning matters
PA19/07123 Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: Erection of an owner/manager’s dwelling Nanpusker Lakeside Lodges Gwinear Hayle TR27 5JX Mr and Mrs A Roberts Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Rowe (lead) Cllr Pryor (Support)
i. Cllr Rowe advised he knew the site well and could see why there was a need; he suggested the PC have no objection assuming the County Land Agent was in favour of the application.
ii. Cllr Thomas advised there was an issue with the existing dam which was affecting neighbouring land and this may not be in line with a previous approval.

11 members of the public, Mrs Vida Perrin, Clerk to the Council

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Matt outlined the following points:-
1. Survey undertaken by Camborne School of Mines suggests current coastal path will fail in next 5-10 years. 2. Consultation has taken place and will continue with all stakeholders and local organizations.
3. This will be costly project and a business case/concept will need to be built to include ruling out different

options, this would then go the NT board as the funds would come out of the central pot they hold.
4. Plans will then need to be drawn up and submitted to the local planning authority, this could be in 2021. 5. If all goes well works would be completed by 2022. A pre-app is intended for the end of this year.

ii. Cllr Tovey asked if Agricultural land would be lost, Matt advised that yes some would be lost but that a better natural environment would also be created with the corridors. He said that they currently receive around 589,000 visitors a year and currently have around 680 car parking spaces in the main car park.
iii. Cllr Rowe asked about the road/car park surface, Matt advised they would work with specialist advisors but it would be a permeable surface, something like honeycomb although they may have concreted areas nearer to the farm so there is an all weather area to park.

iv. Cllr Pryor asked if there would need to be a land swap within the SSSi, Matt advised there would but that they would create more SSSi land than they would lose.
v. Cllr Pascoe asked where the money from the car park goes, Matt advised it mostly goes locally to sustain the site. The Chairman thanked Matt for attending and advised him that the PC would welcome further consultation on the project.


September 2019. Cllr Cupples

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iii. The applicant asked if he could speak and the Chairman permitted this. He advised he was not aware of the issue with the dam but would be happy to look into it. He outlined the reasons for needing the permission.
iv. Cllr Rowe proposed the PC have no objection assuming the County Land Agent is in favour of the application, seconded by Cllr Pryor with 11 in favour and 1 abstention the proposal was RESOLVED.

b) PA19/07466 Car hard standing (removing existing top soil)19 Station Road Carnhell Green Camborne TR14 0LY Mr Jonathan Tresidder Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Tovey (lead) Cllr Norman (Support) Cllr Tovey advised she and Cllr Norman had visited the site and could see no issue with the scheme so proposed the PC support the application, seconded by Cllr Norman with 11 in favour and 1 abstention the proposal was RESOLVED.

Cllr Pryor left the room a this point

c) PA19/00988 Outline planning permission with some matters reserved: Affordable led Housing (revised scheme) Land East Of Greenbank Greenbank Connor Downs Cornwall TR27 5DA Mr and Mrs Hosking Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Smith (lead) Cllr Bawden (Support)
i. Cllr Smith felt the PC’s original objections still stood, he also pointed out two other statutory consultees had asked for further information and it was unclear if these had been adhered to/carried out. He felt the new report on housing for the area did not show a great enough need for Connor Downs and it was unknown what the figures for Connor Downs were from the Homechoice register. The Housing SPD has now been adopted by CC and this application does not meet the criteria within that document. He felt this information was required.

ii. Cllr Pascoe asked whether another meeting with CC Planning Officers would help, the Clerk pointed out that the Planning Officer had advised she could not give any further extension of time on the application to the next PC meeting.
iii. Cllr Homes felt that the original objection coupled with the new information Cllr Smith has highlighted was just cause to continue with objection to the application.

iv. A member of the public asked if she could speak and the Chairman permitted this. She felt that the school, doctors were at breaking point, the narrow road, parking was an issue and this would set a precedent for the other half of the field.
v. A member of the public advised he had written to his MP and handed the response to the PC which suggested Cllr Pascoe objected to the application.

vi. Cllr Pascoe stated he had not given any personal opinion to the MP as he was on the CC planning committee he cannot form a view prior in case the application was taken to committee and refuted the claim made in the MP’s letter.
vii. The member of public continued by saying he was concerned at the lack of community members at this meeting, there had been a great deal more the last time the application was on the Council agenda and felt that the PC needed to do more to inform the community. He gave the Council a list of issues with the application and felt the matter should go to the CC planning committee.

viii. Cllr Smith proposed the original objections plus the following points be sent to Cornwall Council as the response:-

The parish council maintains its objection to this outline planning application and further notes that in the initial response from consultees i.e Historic Environment Planning (Archaeology) and Principle Pubic Space Officer (Landscape) there appears to be no response to their concerns available to view on the planning portal. Therefore we could not take any additional information into consideration on the matters they raise.

With regards to our former objection to this planning application, we maintain that submission; however we amend paragraphs 3, 4 and 5.
This Parish Council continues to object to this application but if the Local Authority is minded to approve the application we ask the Local Member to consider taking the application to Cornwall Council’s planning committee so the Parish Council and community can outline its objections.

Cllr Homes seconded with 11 in favour and 1 abstention the proposal was RESOLVED.

Cllr Pryor returned at this point

d) PA19/05652 Change of use of land and construction of a Green Waste Open Windrow Composting Facility and associated infrastructure Land West Of New Mill Roseworthy Hill Roseworthy TR14 0DU Green Waste Company Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Bawden (lead) Cllr Cupples (Support) The Chairman advised the public that at the special meeting on Friday the community was made aware that the PC would make its final decision on this item on the 14th October.

e) Planning Correspondence
i) to receive a list of planning notifications Noted.

Cllr Norman left the room at this point

ii) Email from applicant – PA19/07147 Demolition of detached garage and construction of dwelling Land And

Garage North Of Number 4 Prosper Hill Gwithian TR27 5BW

Cllr Norman returned at this point

a. The applicant advised the meeting of their personal situation and the changes made to the plans.
b. Cllr Burt felt that as the PC had allowed the modern extension to the adjacent property and as this dwelling would be well screened by existing trees the original design was acceptable considering the situation the family were in.
c. After a debate Cllr Tovey proposed the original plans be accepted assuming the planning officer was in agreement, seconded by Cllr Bawden with 10 in favour and 2 abstentions.

a) Verbal reports from Parish Councillors/representatives

i) Cllr Burt – Towans Partnership special meeting SSSi report – Noted.
ii) Cllr Burt – Playground project event – Noted.
iii) Cllr Thomas raised concern over two incidents of drink-driving and speeding in Gwinear, one resulting in the car over turning. She advised the Police had been informed.

Correspondence received
a) Reply from CORMAC Environment – road surface Towans Gate to The Jam Pot Café, Gwithian. Noted. b) Reply from CORMAC Environment – beach access and signage at Gwithian Towans. Noted.
c) Reply from CORMAC Environment – tents and bikes in the dunes at the Towans. Noted.
d) Cornwall Council – Gwinear-Gwithian Housing Need Survey Report. Noted.
e) Replies from CORMAC Senior Beach Ranger & SWW – Gwithian Beach Sewage Discharges. Noted.
f) Invitation from Cornwall Pension Fund – Employers Meeting. Noted.

Other matters requiring decisions of the Council

  1. a)  To discuss the way forward regarding a Parish Tea event in December – Cllr Norman. After a debate the

    meeting agreed to defer the item.

  2. b)  To receive the results of the BT Kiosk removal survey and agree the way forward. The meeting agreed to put

    forward the responses received.

  3. c)  Community Governance Review update. Cllr Pascoe and Pryor gave an update on the CC CGR meeting, the

    meeting agreed to request copies of the minutes for the CNP and CC CGR meetings.
    i) Community consultation and way forward. After a debate Cllr Norman proposed the PC give the CGR-WG delegated powers to submit a response from the community consultation to CC, seconded by Cllr Negus with all in favour the proposal was RESOLVED.
    ii) GGPC response to CC-CGR re individual comments on council size. A debate ensued with Cllr Tovey proposing the PC respond to CC regarding the comments, seconded by Cllr Negus with 7 in favour, 2 against and 2 abstentions the proposal was RESOLVED.

  4. d)  To consider grant application requests and agree the way forward. Deferred.
  5. e)  To consider information from the Play Management Team regarding auto closing kits for the gates at Reawla

    Park. The meeting agreed to look into the possibility of grant funding for a new scheme for Reawla Park to

    include new gates.

  6. f)  To discuss a review of the Neighbourhood Plan. The meeting agreed to defer this until after the CGR was


  7. g)  To consider a draft contract for hedge cutting. Deferred.

    Late or urgent items not on the agenda
    Cllr Norman suggested a piece be put in every issue of the local newsletters explaining how the PC notifies the public on planning applications.


Agenda items for future meetings
a) Raised by members. Cllr Smith – Youth Councillor project

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.18pm.