Apply For A Council Grant

We encourage you to submit your grant application online. If you'd prefer to complete and post a paper-based application you can download the form here and post to us.

NB: Please ensure you read our Grants Policy in the section below this form BEFORE making an application.

Grant Awards Policy

1.Main criteria for Decision Making

1.1 The main criteria for awarding a grant under section 137 are that the financial award MUST be Beneficial to some or all of the people residing within the Parish and that the amount of the award must be commensurate with the benefit derived.

1.2 The total amount of monies allocated to grants under Section 137 must fall within a certain limit.

1.3 All requests for grants will be considered and assessed against the criteria outlined in this policy.

2. General information about our Grants

2.1 The Council generally gives grants to community associations, cultural, educational, sporting and charitable organisations, serving Gwinear-Gwithian Parish residents.

2.2 The Council usually sets aside £1000 per year for grant awards and does not normally allocate more than £200 per grant unless there are special circumstances.

Note – please give the Council as much information about your grant if you require more than £200 to help them with their decision.

2.3 The Council generally reviews grant applications during November each year but may agree to consider a grant at any time during the year if funds are available and there are special circumstances.

2.4 Grant applications can be accepted by the Parish office at any time during the year but will be considered by the Council under 2.3 above. The grant application details, including the application form are available via

3. Guidelines for applicants

3.1 The Council will not normally consider an application for an individual seeking financial

3.2 Generally local authority maintained, grant maintained and private schools, individuals and commercial organisations will not be eligible for a grant.

3.3 Requests for donations in association with national appeals will in general be rejected, unless a specific connection with the parish can be demonstrated.

3.4 Applicants should be able to demonstrate that their work is of benefit to the parish and its residents.

3.5 The Council reserves the right to withhold, withdraw or recover the grant if the operation for which the grant is awarded ceases, its aims and objectives vary to the extent that the application would not have been eligible for consideration at the time of the application, or the funds are not used for the purposes stated in the application.

3.6 Grants cannot be made for work already undertaken, or services already delivered.

4. General Conditions

4.3 The award of a grant in one year will not set a precedent for the Council’s response to any further requests for grants in further years.

5. Application Process

5.1 Only applications made which are in line with this policy, made on the Grant Application form and supplied with the supplementary information at 5.2 and 5.3 required will be considered.

5.2 An up to date copy of accounts must be submitted with the application form.

Note: Please provide the latest set of annual accounts showing the organisations income, expenditure and level of balances. If the organisation does not prepare annual accounts, copies of the bank statements covering the previous six months must be enclosed.

5.3 An up to date copy of the organisations constitution must be submitted with the application form.

5.4 If successful the Parish office will write and inform you after the meeting at which your application was approved.

5.5 The letter will outline the grant offer and will set out the terms and conditions under which the grant will be awarded.

5.6 The letter will include a return slip which must be returned to the Parish Clerk signed by the successful applicant to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions before the grant cheque is despatched.

5.7 Cheques will be posted during the following month to which your application was approved assuming you have returned the slip noted at 5.6 above.

5.8 Proof of expenditure for which the grant was given must be provided to the Parish office by the recipient. Failure to do so will affect any other application submitted by that group/organisation.

5.9 If the applicant has not sought payment of / provided proof of expenditure within the financial year it was given the promised funds may be withdrawn by the Parish Council.

Note: The Parish Council may hold funds in allocated reserves if required but will review any unspent grant monies within the budget period.

6. Allocated grants

6.1 Organisations applying for a grant are requested to send a representative(s) to address
the Annual Parish Meeting held in April of the following year to which the grant was awarded to give an update on the grant awarded. If a representative is unable to attend the meeting, a written report must be submitted to the Parish office by the end of March.

7. Policy Review

7.1 The Council will agree a budget for Grants as part of the general budget-setting process each year.

7.2 This Grants Policy will be subject to a formal review by the Parish Council at least every four years.

  • Adopted – 8-12-2014 (24/053-6i)
  • Reviewed – 11-5-2015 (25/010-8d)
  • Reviewed – 9-5-2016 (26/010-8c)