Parish Plan

Parish PlanThis Parish Plan represents a big step forward for our community – and for the Parish Council elected members who represent the community. We have set out to make clear what it is the Parish Council actually does in a typical year; what powers it can exercise; and what it is we plan to do during the next 5 or so years in addition to our regular duties and responsibilities.

We explain why it is important for any community to plan its future and how a plan like this can make a significant difference; we set out what changes and improvements we believe are necessary and desirable in the Parish over the Plan period,we suggest how these might take place, and who should be making sure that it all happens.

We also make clear the changes in Parish Council practice we are putting in place, and the expected outcomes and benefits of those changes. It is important to stress that a plan such as this needs members of the community, elected or unelected, to take an active part in helping to deliver the aspirations contained in its pages.

We hope therefore that more and more members of our community will take an active interest in our proceedings, and will want to contribute in some way to our work.

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