Planning Applications

[message_box]The Parish Council is a key consultee for planning applications within the area of Gwinear-Gwithian, every planning application within the Parish is discussed at one of our Ordinary Meetings and you can find the information on forthcoming applications on our agenda and notice boards. At our Ordinary Meetings we always hold a period of public participation where parishioners can come along and give us their views on planning applications or any other matter within the Parish. The Parish Council has split the Parish of Gwinear-Gwithian in to four areas for planning purposes and Councillors plays a vital role in their own Planning Zone. As well as making sure they are fully aware of the plans themselves, our Councillors will if needed, visit the site and speak with the applicant and other local residents regarding the application, to ensure the Parish Council is fully aware of parishioner’s views. The Planning Zone Councillors will then report this information at the meeting where the application is to be discussed by the Parish Council.[/message_box]

[message_box type=”info” icon=”yes” close=”Hide”]The database above has been created to help residents locate planning applications specifically related to the Parish. You can search by entering a wide range of search terms including post code, PA number and location. We scan the Cornwall Council planning application database every 6 hours to provide the most current update live on this site. To view the specific details as held by the council, click on the View link in the right hand column adjacent to each application. (NB: the first entries on the database do not yet link through to Cornwall Council site – this will update as new applications are processed. For specific details visit Cornwall Council planning by clicking here.[/message_box]