Events On Parish Council Land

Requesting Permission

Gwinear Gwithian Parish Council owns parks in the Parish where you can request to hold events.To request permission for use of Gwinear Gwithian Parish Council owned land for an event, please complete the Event Notification Form below in the first instance.


  • You must provide at least 3 months’ notice of an event to allow time for licences/permissions to be issued.
  • You will need to provide a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and/or event safety plan (dependent on the size of the event) and provide evidence of at least £5 million public liability insurance, although a higher one may be requested if necessary.
  • Please provide a site plan showing where any temporary structures will be placed. A traffic management plan may also be required dependent on the type of event.
  • Organisers using an external supplier should always ensure that any individual or private company has relevant qualifications and licenses which are in date at the time of the event. The Parish Council may ask to see evidence of such qualifications or licenses if they feel this is necessary

Things to consider

Before submitting the Event Notification Form, please consider the following:

• Is the location and time of year suitable for the event?
• Is there suitable access/egress to the site?
• How many participants will be involved at any one time?
• What welfare facilities will be provided for event participants and visitors i.e. toilets?
• Who will be providing qualified first aid and/or safety / security cover?
• What provision is there for adverse weather conditions on the day which could affect the event?
• Consideration for any traffic management issues associated with large volumes of traffic attending the event.
• Consideration for use of any adjacent Council property.

Releasing Balloons and Lanterns

The launch of lanterns or balloons shall not take place on Parish Council owned/managed land (including leased land). This includes all airborne launched lanterns, latex balloons and similar free-floating devices that are not under control once launched, any such device containing a naked flame, fuel cell, helium gas or similar elevation mechanism and includes any item described as biodegradable.

Remember – if you require the use of Parish Council land for your event, you need to give us a minimum of 12 weeks notice.

Event Notification Form