Reawla Play Park

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Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Reawla Park, Reawla and the Elizabeth Sampson Playing Field, Connor Downs are closed to the public per Government instructions. You are not permitted to enter and safety checks will not be carried out during this period.  Gates have been secured, notices have been erected and equipment has been taped.

Reawla Play Park is in the heart of Reawla Village – get directions.

The park has great access from Reawla Lane, Henver Close/Gardens and Menadue Court.  The park has a wheelchair accessible path leading from Reawla Lane to Menadue Court.

The park has great facilities for all ages, including wheelchair accessible picnic tables.

The park is great for all age groups young and old but dogs are not permitted.  The park is open between dawn and dusk.

The Parish Council (PC) was successful in getting the park devolved to parish level from Cornwall Council in August 2016. Two fun days have been held with the community, one in 2012 when the project to devolve the park started and one in 2017 once the park was devolved.  The fun days helped produce a master plan which the PC wants to make a reality.

The PC set up a Working Group (WG) with representatives (rep) invited from local groups and organisations who help with project.  The WG consists of PC reps, Gwinear Villages Association rep, Pen Tye Residents Association rep and help when needed from the Community Pride Operative, Cornwall Council rep & Penwith Community Development Trust rep.