Golden wedding anniversary celebration

Jul 26, 2012 | Parish News

Margaret and Irvin Watson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the 14th July with an open house to raise money for charity. The couple raised nearly £300 towards Children’s Hospice South West and invited guests in to their home, including Cllr Ruth Marks who was representing the Parish Council. The Parish Council sent Ruth with a bouquet to congratulate the couple. The couple have lived in the village of Connor Downs since 1962 and the pair have been involved with fundraising for various groups in the village, Margaret is still an active member of the WI and Irvin is a former member of the Parish Council. We look forward to them celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary!

If you know anyone who lives in the Parish with a very special celebration coming up, such as a 100th birthday, golden or diamond wedding anniversaries then let us know so we can help them celebrate it too.


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