Defibrillator project gets off the ground

Feb 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

defibThe Parish Council is keen to provide life saving defibrillators across the Parish. As recommended by a local charity residents should be within 10 minutes walking distance of a defibrillator for it to make a difference to chances of survival.

We are currently trying to raise money for this project and are applying for grants.

Other groups and organisations have already pledged help, a big thanks to Gwinear Farmers for their financial contribution and to the Connor Downs Resident Association for agreeing to fund raise for a defib in Connor Downs.  Their first defib was installed late last year (2015) outside the Turnpike Inn.

Thank you to the local resident who lives in Connor Downs who has also pledged money and to the residents who have volunteered for training so far.

So how can you help? If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like to help to raise money please contact the Parish Council for more information.

The Parish Council are about to purchase their first defib which we hope will be placed in the centre of Reawla.

More information on defibs can be found at the


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