Massive boost to Defibrillator project – £10,000!

Mar 23, 2016 | Parish News

The Parish Council has been awarded £10,000 funded by the National Lottery Awards through the Big Lottery Fund towards our project for defibrillators. We are delighted to receive this grant which will enable us to buy a number of defibrillators which will be installed right across the Parish. It will also enable us to train up any volunteers who would like to help in an emergency.Lottery Logo - hi_big_e_min_pink

We already have a small number of volunteers but we really need more, particularly in more isolated areas such as Roseworthy, Gwithian, Gwinear and Upton Towans. The aim is to get at least 5 volunteers within 10 minutes of each defibrillator.

We are hoping to put defibs in all of the following locations:-

  • Gwithian Towans/Beach area
  • Gwithian Village
  • Upton Towans
  • Connor Downs
  • Roseworthy
  • Gwinear village
  • Carnhell Green village
  • Reawla

We will also be talking to both of our Primary Schools to ensure they don’t miss out on this vital piece of life saving equipment.

We will need to raise further funds to maintain the defibs but we will hopefully do this with donation boxes located near to them.

Volunteers will be trained on how to use the equipment and what to do in the case of an emergency they will be covered under the Parish Council’s insurance and their contact details will be made available to the Ambulance Service as well as having them with the defib if required.

If you are interested in going on our register as a volunteer or just want some more information about becoming a volunteer for this project please contact the Clerk and keep an eye out for the defibs which should be installed across the Parish in the next couple of months.

We would also like to say congratulations to the Connor Downs Resident Association (CDRA) for raising money and installing the first ever community defibrillator in the Parish at Turnpike Inn, Connor Downs and for raising enough money possibly for a second defib for the village! The whole community in Connor Downs has worked really hard to achieve this.


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