Play Park Update

Oct 29, 2018 | Reawla Play Park Project

Over the last few months part of the park has been completely refurbished to include an interactive pathway leading the length of the park. Works to Reawla Park for the Toddler area and Mid Age Range area will start from the 1st August 2018, please contact the Parish Council if there are any issues on site.

The Parish Council has awarded the contract for phases 2 and 3 of works to Reawla Park. This covers the refurbishment of the toddler area and the mid age area. Cormac has been chosen to undertake the works and they will spend the next few weeks organising the project and ordering the play equipment. Cormac has suggested they will start on site in May with works completed by August but we will keep you updated on this. The phasing plan below gives an idea of how we hope the project will progress.

Great news! we have received a grant from SITA for £35,000 which when added to the grant the GVA has been given in principle from GGSCF and parish council funds, we have just over £80,000 to spend at the park! these funds will go towards creating the vision you had for areas A (toddler area) & D (existing play area).

Works on Areas A & D should take place from April 2018 through to Sept 2018.


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