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Aug 15, 2021 | Public Rights of Way – Lost Paths

In August 2021 the Parish Council agreed to pursue potential lost Public Rights of Way (PROW’s) within the Parish.  Some paths which have been used by the public for decades may not currently be registered on the Definitive Map as PROW’s.   From 2026 there will be no opportunity to register these paths which are known by the Ramblers as ‘white lanes’ or ‘white roads’.  Many are very prominent and well used to this day but could be lost.

You can find out more information about this here –

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 introduced a provision for a cut-off date of 1 January 2026 for the recording of historic rights of way.

The cut-off date would have the effect of extinguishing certain routes not recorded on the Definitive Map by the deadline. The intention of the legislation is to prevent any claim being successfully made for the addition of a way to the Definitive Map after 1 January 2026 if the claim is solely based on documentary evidence that the rights existed before 1949.

The Parish Council will undertake the work required to try and register any ‘lost paths’ not already done so within the time limit, starting with the most used first.

Come back to this page to get updates on how things are going.


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