Changes to waste and recycling collection

Mar 27, 2012 | Parish News

As you may already be aware, there will be changes to rubbish and recycling collections in Cornwall from 2nd April and in many cases this will involve different collection days and different containers for recycling.

To find out how the changes will affect you follow this link and to find out your new collection day use the postcode checker on the Cornwall Council homepage.

Rubbish and recycling collections are not affected by the bank holidays over Easter. As part of the new contract which started on 2 April, collections will continue as normal on all bank holidays except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

As the new rubbish, recycling and garden waste service starts to roll out across Cornwall we would like to keep you informed with answers to the most frequently asked questions – and hope you may help us communicate with your communities. If your question isn’t answered here you may find the answer in the FAQs listed on the website: Cornwall Council – Waste and recycling frequently asked questions

Here’s the top questions asked so far this week:

  • My refuse or recycling or garden waste collection has been missed what should I do?

First please double check your calendar, or the postcode finder on the council’s website. If your collection should have taken place please email us on or call us on 0300 1234 141 (please bear in mind we still have a high number of calls at the contact centre). Remember that your collection times may change with the new systems so please wait until the end of the working day.

  • When will all of the new bags be delivered?

We will complete the deliveries to replace the disposable sack system in the East of Cornwall by 12 April. We will then begin to deliver in the far west of Cornwall in the former Penwith area and work our way up Cornwall, finishing in the former Carrick area in the centre of Cornwall. Here we will only be delivering the orange sack for Cardboard and this will be by mid May.  If your neighbours or other people in your area have received theirs and you have not, please contact us and we will arrange the equipment to be delivered. Continue to use what you have got until you receive your new equipment

  • Will I have to pay for garden waste collections that I do not receive?

Residents do not have to pay for collections that they do not receive due to their containment not arriving in time.

  • What do I do if I need extra bags or another box for recycling?

We will deliver additional containers if you need them, and they will soon be available at most One Stop Shops, but please bear mind that we are extremely busy and are concentrating on residents who have not received any new equipment. It will be best to leave requests for additional containment until mid-May, by which time containment will have been delivered across the whole of Cornwall and residents will have had some time to get used to the new system.

  • How can I find my collection days?

You should have received a collection calendar in the post and you can check the dates on line using the council’s postcode finder. It’s on the homepage of the website

  • I live in the former Restormel area. Do I still have a weekly recycling collection?

From 2 April everyone will have the same service. This includes a fortnightly recycling collection, a weekly rubbish collection service and the option of a fortnightly subscription based garden waste collection.

  • What plastics we are currently collecting?

We can only collect plastic bottles, including milk bottles, fizzy drinks, shampoo and detergent, washing up liquid and yoghurt drinks. We cannot collect any other plastics at this time although we are currently researching several options to recycling more materials including plastic pots tubs and trays and tetra pak cartons.


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