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Gwithian Toilets  –  Sign Cleaning  – Verge Management  – Weed Control


Due to budget constraints Cornwall Council has had to make decisions about what services it can provide within the community. The Parish Council receives complaints regarding these issues every year and therefore agreed to undertake a community questionnaire between November and December 2015 to ask Parishioners whether they wanted the Parish Council to consider taking any of these services over. The results are as follows:-

  • 183 responses received
  • Sign Cleaning – only 52% were in favour of the PC carrying out regular cleaning
  • Verge management – only 54% were in favour of the PC carrying out some management
  • Weed management – only 54% were in favour of the PC carrying out management
  • Gwithian toilets – 78% felt a 10% rise in car parking fees was appropriate. With 8% wanting the PC to take over and 14% wanting no toilets.

At its meeting in December 2015 the Parish Council (PC) approved that as a clear mandate had not been given by Parishioners for items 1, 2 and 3 the PC could not take on responsibility for these items but agreed that the evidence for the Gwithian Toilets be passed to CC and ask them to investigate the possibility of a rise in car parking fees and that a notice explaining the rise be considered.

Below is the detail of the consultation undertaken in Nov/Dec 2015:-

We would like you to consider whether you want us to take over more services formerly carried out by Cornwall Council.

Please review the leaflet here and fill in the questionnaire NEWSERVICEDELIVERY  to help us decide.

The closing date for this consultation is 9th December 2015.


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