Traffic Regulation Orders Consultation – Gwinear-Gwithian Parish

Nov 20, 2019 | Parish News

The Parish Council has been working with Cornwall Council and neighbouring Parishes within the Community Network Partnership (CNP) regarding areas where Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) are required.  Cornwall Council (CC) can only undertake certain road works under TRO’s and the Parish Council continues to lobby CC and other bodies regarding other road related issues which cannot be agreed under TRO’s.  CC are undertaking a public consultation regarding the agreed TRO’s within the CNP and you can see details of these including the ones in our Parish by clicking the following link –

For our Parish the following works are out for consultation –

Connor Downs – No waiting at any time

Mutton Hill at junctions with Treeve Lane, Trevarnon Lane and Trevere Close

Treeve Lane at junction with Mutton Hill

Trevarnon Lane at junction with Mutton Hill

Trevere Close at junction with Mutton Hill.

Reawla (Wall) – No waiting at any time

Wall Road north-east of junction with Wall Vean.

The consultation is open until the 13th December.


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