Devon & Cornwall Police Alert – Cold Callers – West Cornwall

Nov 13, 2023 | Parish News

Devon & Cornwall Police have been made aware of cold callers offering gardening services in the West Cornwall area and advise that you do not agree to work offered by unsolicited doorstep callers, the risks are high.

  • If you want work doing in your home or garden, take time to get three quotes from reputable businesses you trust and make your decision on who to use in your own time.
  • If you are concerned someone is at risk, always call the police.
  • If you are concerned rogue traders are operating in your area, always report it.
  • If someone knocks on your door and you are not sure, don’t open the door.
  • If a company claims to be working with a local council, contact the local council yourself to check this is true.
  • If you see cold callers in the area, have concerns, or have any information please phone 101.
  • If possible, please make a note of any descriptions and vehicle registrations seen.

Please phone 999 if immediate/or a crime is taking place.

Please pass this information on to neighbours.


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