Helping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact

Jun 21, 2022 | Carbon Footprint/Environmental Impact

The crisp packet recycling scheme we ran alongside Terracycle has ended, this is because this type of recycling is now widely available within the community.  If you want to continue recycling your crisp packets you can find your local recycling site via the following links Recycle Now Recycling Locator or visit the Walkers website recycling page.

We did recycle over 42kg of crisp packets that is over 23,000 packets!!! and we still have a few more kg to send off so well done.

The Parish Council has been unable to find a contractor who can undertake the pavement vegetation control in an environmentally friendly manner at a reasonable cost, therefore the PC have not committed to undertaking vegetation control on pavements this year.  We would like to hear from Parishioners on their views regarding the best way forward with this.  Please contact the Clerk with your suggestions and comments.


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Helping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact

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Helping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact

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