Helping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact

Sep 1, 2023 | Carbon Footprint/Environmental Impact

For 2023 our Councillors undertook the following to help with their pledge:-

As well as the pledges made last year by Councillors, for the period 1-4-22 to 31-3-23 Councillors additionally have:-
The only changes in addition to those pledged ; I use Octopus energy supplier,(100 per cent from renewable sources,) turned down the heating and using more cardigans.  Saved on water, I haven’t washed my car for 6 months.
Water Usage – I installed a further water butt over the 2022-23 winter to collect additional rain water, having now 7 in total, some of which are interconnected. In total they hold 800 litres or so.

This is for watering outdoor plants in containers

and washing/cleaning outdoor items, including

tools, paving and cars.

We are on a water meter and I pay the water bill

by monthly direct debit. As a result of installing the

water butts and other water saving measures we

as a family have attempted to undertake over the

last several months, we built up a bill credit with

SW water, so much so my last payment to them

was back in November 2022.

In terms of environmental impact, I am pescatarian (no meat and low dairy), and eat ethically sourced foods (for example no palm oil), and locally grown vegetables where possible. I use eco-toiletries (such as bamboo toothbrushes) and household products (such as washing liquids) low in chemicals with low-environmental impact . I recycle as much as possible, taking items such as tetra paks to the local recycling centre; and give clothes, shoes and other items (in a good condition) to charity shops. I have cut down on using heating and use hot water bottles in bed so as not to have heating on overnight. I also try to get involved with local beach cleans and litter picks as much as possible.

In the coming year I want to reduce my water usage (less showers and baths etc.) and cut back on car usage, where possible car-sharing or walking. I will look at items such as water butts, water filters, food composting, reusable items that are more positive for the environment. I will also become more informed about climate change and environmental sustainability issues and work with others in the community to bring about positive change in this area.


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Helping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact

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