Helping to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact

Jun 4, 2022 | Carbon Footprint/Environmental Impact

Below is the report from Councillors on what they have done for 2022 towards this promise:-

For the period 1-4-21 to 31-3-22 Councillors have:-
We are composting any minimal food waste, have been with Bulb renewable and will keep an eye on new company status given they are in administration
Though I wasn’t a member of the Parish Council when these pledges were undertaken, I can offer the following.

Household energy – Have had a Smart meter installed

Electricity – Replaced three old style fluorescent tube lighting fixtures with LED strip lights/battens and two other light fittings to ensure all household lights are using either LED or other energy saving bulbs.

Installation of solar panels not financially viable.

Gas – Replaced old, inefficient gas boiler with new energy efficient combi boiler, hopefully cutting energy bills and reducing carbon emissions.

Food and food waste – As a family we only buy what food we actually need and have always kept food waste to a minimum. Probably less than 5% wastage. If it is possible food packaging is always recycled i.e. plastics and cardboard. When feasible any food waste is composted.

Water usage – Trying to reduce mains water consumption. Have installed six water butts (600 litres), with four interconnected, for watering outdoor plants in containers and washing/cleaning outdoor items etc.

Reduce waste by encouraging my grandchildren to tell me exactly what they wish to eat, then eat it!

Use much more  wood related,  recycled wood products to burn on my multi fuel stove.

Use my oiled fired aga more efficiently , with more regular servicing, not just waiting until the burner gets weak.

I have had my push bike renovated and am starting to use it to shop locally.

I am shopping for food with more thought, and using a menu plan, which stops ‘browsing’!

The action I have taken to meet my pledge is –

1. On all council work where possible to car share, for instance when attending council meets there is always other councillors sharing the journey.

2. When food shopping, consider the source of the food. i.e. to reduce the transportation millage.

3. Reducing the use of Gas and Electricity, by monitoring  heat levels in the house to rooms only in use.

Concerning the environmental pledge I have done the following.

1 changed from 2 cars to one car.

2 changed from diesel to petrol.

3 we are composting everything possible and have started to use a wormery.

4 I have resolved not to buy any new clothes this year.

5 I walk when I can instead of using the car.

Category Information Carbon saving Sources
Food I personally don’t waste any food, CC to bring in food recycling 2023
Electricity My new electricity company states they get 100% of electricity from renewable environmentally friendly sources. I will save approx. 920kw of energy p/a

  I use only LED bulbs in my house
  I have installed Solar Panels
Transportation 4 days per week not driving to the office and back (working from home) 855kg C02 emissions saved over the year
  Moving from E5 to E10 petrol Quite new so difficult to know but on average supposed to save 2% of greenhouse gases


  Recycling each week   CC could work this out so public can see exactly how they are contributing.
  Have installed a combi-boiler   .


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